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Thank you for choosing Golden Swish as your trusted premium hair supplier! We are truly dedicated to offering you the most exquisite & versatile selection of 100% Virgin Human hair Weaves and Lace wigs.

At Golden Swish, we are dedicated to providing you with premium quality hair at affordable prices. We continue to position our products at the forefront of the hair industry while generating maximum consumer awareness and demand.

Our brand is trusted quality and our products are exclusive and limited. We stand by our products and support our clientele with comprehensive education, inspired marketing and excellent customer service.

We carry both In Stock & Custom Lace Wigs and Hair Extensions. We offer the finest 100% Virgin hair available in the market. Our Raw Donor Virgin hair is taken straight from one hair donor and has not been chemically treated in any way. We import the hair in its raw state, which means the hair has not undergone any chemical treatments; the cuticles are aligned in one direction so that the hair does not matte or tangle. Our Steam Processed Virgin hair undergoes a 3-day steam process to define its texture and pattern leaving you with a consistency that is re-usable and long lasting.

The Golden Swish line of Virgin hair represents these exquisite qualities:
  • Virgin Hair
  • True Uni-directional Cuticle Hair
  • Natural Processed Hair
  • Special Hand-Wefts
  • Resilient and Healthy
  • Can be Permed and Colored
  • Lasts Longer & Can be Re-used

Because of our dedicated efforts to ensure you get the best quality, we will continue to deliver long lasting and lustrous luxury hair. Let us be part of your lifestyle. Through the weather, through the storm, you can Bounce on us!

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