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GSPLAT6050   'Adriel' - Curly 3A-3C
INSTK-231-BRE   'Brea' - Instock Full Lace Unit
GSPLAT1001   'Cachi' - Curly 3A-3C
CUSTM-240-CAN   'Candice' - Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-251-CAS   'Cassie' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-239-CHL   'Chloe' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-253-COR   'Corinne' - Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-248-ELL   'Ella' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-242-IFE   'Ife' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-900-IRI   'IRIS' - Ready To Ship Hand-Crafted Wig
INSTK-239-JOR   'Jordan'- In Stock Full Lace Wig
CUSTM-237-KIM   'Kim' - Custom Made Lace Wig
INSTK-233-MAD   'Madison'- In Stock Full Lace Wig
INSTK-234-MAR   'Marabel'- In Stock Full Lace Wig
CUSTM-241-MIA   'Mia' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
INSTK-249-NAI   'Naima' - Custom Made Lace Unit
CUSTM-901-NOV   'NOVA' - Ready To Ship Hand-Crafted Wig
CUSTM-252-SAB   'Sable' - Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-249-SAD   'Sade' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
CUSTM-250-TON   'Tonye' - Pre-Styled Custom Made Lace Wig
INSTK-235-YVN   'Yvonne' - In Stock Full Lace Wig
INSTK-252-ZAN   'Zanna' - Pre-styled Custom Made Full Lace Unit
CUSTM-235-ZAR   'Zara' - Pre-Styled Lace Wig
GS-ABBA-COND   ABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner - 8.0 oz
GS-ABBA-SHAMPOO   ABBA Pure Moisture Shampoo - 8 oz
Pearl020   Armenian Curl
Pearl013   Baby Curl
Pearl016   Bahamas Curl
Pearl0102   Beyonce Curls
SITEREVIEW   Blends & Supplement Reviews
GS-DEAL255   Bundle Deal - Premium Loose wave (3 Bundles)
Pearl010   Crystal Tips
INFOGRAPHICS   Curly Hair Infographics
GSPLAT3910   Curly Pattern 3's
CUSTM-247-CUS   Custom Made Wig (Choose Your Hair Texture)
GSPRE3910   Deep Curl (NEW & IMPROVED)
GS-REMY-CLSR-CU   Deep Curl Closure
GSHYB901   Exotic Wave
BSP100   Fancy Head-Wrap
Pearl012   French Curl
GSCLP9006   Goldenswish Clip Ins - Textured Straight
GSCLP9004   Goldenswish Clip Ins - Tight Kinks
GSCLP9002   Goldenswish Clip Ins - Very Textured Straight
LWPP   Lace Wig Payment Plan
LPPLT   Layaway Platinum Collection (Natural Straight & Pattern 2s Only)
LPPLT3   Layaway Platinum Collection (Pattern 3s Only)
LPPRE3   Layaway Premium Collection (Curly Only)
LPPRE   Layaway Premium Collection (Natural Straight & Bodywave Only)
LPPRE2   Layaway Premium Collection (Textured Straight Only)
GSPRE3904   Loose Curl
GS-REMY-CLSR-LC   Loose Curl Closure
GS-REMY-CLSR-LK   Loose Kinks Closure
Pearl015   Mongolian Swerve
Pearl0105   Mulatto Curls
GS-CSTM-CLSR1   Natural Wave - RAW Hair Closure
Pearl0103   Peruvian Rolls
GSPRO3904   Pro Natural Curl
GSPRO3901   Pro Natural Wavy
GSPLAT3916   RAW Hair - Wavy 2A
GSPLAT3909   RAW Hair - Wavy/Curly 2C
GSPLAT3919   Raw Natural Straight
GSHYB900   Raw Natural Wave
Pearl011   Russian Bounce
GSPRE3907   Sleek Natural Straight
GS-REMY-CLSR-STR   Sleek Straight Closure
GS-CAP-BLK   Stretch Nylon Lace Wig Cap/Liner (Black)
GS-CAP-BRWN   Stretch Nylon Lace Wig Cap/Liner (Brown)
GS-CAP-FLSH   Stretch Nylon Lace Wig Cap/Liner (Flesh)
GSPRE3909   Textured Natural Straight
GS-REMY-CLSR-TXST   Textured Natural Straight Closure
GS-REMY-CLSR-TK   Tight Kinks Closure
GSPRE3908   Tight Kinky/Loose Kinky
Pearl0104   Treasure Tips
GSPRE3911   VERY Textured Natural Straight
GS-CLSR-VTS   VERY Textured Natural Straight Clsoure
GS-FRNT-LW   Virgin Hair Frontals
Pearl0100   Water Wave
GS-REMY-CLSR-BW   Wavy - Bodywave Closure
GS-CSTM-CLSR4   Wavy 2A - RAW Hair Closure
GS-REMY-CLSR-LW   Wavy/Curly Closure

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